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Haitians Celebrate Lives Saved, Gratified at Release of PSA


Published: May 1, 2014 at 12:00 AM PT on Eleventh Annual Global Love Day

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“Let’s End The Drinking of Polluted Water in the World!” a Public Service Announcement has been release at the YouTube Channel, SAVING LIVES via the Viral Loop of the Century! instantly spreading globally via social media!


Port-au-Prince — Haiti:  Port-au-Prince officials say a dozen Haitian lives have been recorded as saved from the Cholera Pandemic after an initial pilot study was conducted with 3 conditions: Drinking ordinary untreated water, consuming water treated with properties offered by advanced technology and with the third condition adding, besides the treated water, an all-natural supplement hailed as a Global Health Solution.


The first study of its kind, the dramatic reversal of 12 persons suffering from the Cholera pandemic was sufficient to cause local officials to highlight the information emanating from the study and leading those involved with the treatment of persons affected by the disease quickly to disseminate the information and to reach out for support that will enable further studies to be made all over the country for purposes of replication.


Officials said that the study was part of a new model for sustainable communities being made available at the HAITI CENTER 4 REAL RELIEF (HC4RR), with part of the movement to work on slowing down and arresting the spread of Cholera while at the same time tracking the reversal of the disease so that there has begun a "count up" of lives saved.  Additional studies, duplicating the pilot, will be conducted as confirmatory of the positive results already achieved.  Please visit http://is.gd/HaitiCenter4RR


Officials said that after the release of the PSA, there now are plans for a FUNdraising Concert Series at HC4RR providing support for the mission to end the drinking of polluted water in Haiti and later in the world.  Executive Producer Burton Danet, Ph.D. of Manhattan Beach, California, Founder, The Legacy of A Better Community For All (ABC4All) has arranged for cooperation and collaboration across the world required to carry out the comprehensive program to end the drinking of polluted water.  He states, "We are looking forward to working with ABC4All Mentors in 121 countries who will be benefiting from the end of drinking polluted water as the revenues being generated by the concert series accumulate."  The swell of support for the series is key to enable further study and duplication of the initial results throughout the country.

The early promising results of the effort in Haiti point clearly in the direction of the need to generate support that is required to continue this Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) work within Haiti and subsequently in any country in the world.  The aftermath of the Haitian Earthquake nearly 4 years later remains with 200,000 people still living in tents and with the cholera death toll reaching 8750 people.  One expert has cited "a 20-year siege" underway without the ability to reverse the health compromise as revealed in the pilot study.


The ALL-DISASTER REAL RELIEF effort is being coordinated by The Legacy of A Better Community For All (ABC4All).  For more information, contact abc4allteam @ abc4all (dot) net, or abc4allteam on Skype.  Please visit www.loa.abc4all.net.